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December 9, 2013

BluesBrothersFinalHIGH OCTANE blues and musical chaos will be driving through a Romford theatre on Saturday night.

The BLUES BROTHERS EXPERIENCE has a tendency to alter the structure and shake the rafters with the sound of a big band of musicians on a mission.

The well known tribute band will be at the Brookside Theatre, Eastern Road, this Saturday, December 14 for an 8pm blast when the elastic walls rebound to the best of blues.

The film story was based on brothers Jake and Elwood Blues, who on release from prison, took on “a mission from God” to save a Catholic orphanage in which they grew up from foreclosure.

From this came the classic ‘penguin’ reference to the Mother Superior, and after a painful meeting with her, reunited their rhythm and blues band to raise the $5,000 needed to pay the tax assessor.

The resulting chaos of police Blues brothers press picpursuit finished in a car chase that made ‘Bullitt’ look like a Sunday afternoon drive, but with a stellar cast list of the film; Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and James Brown.

Of the many Blues Brothers tribute bands, this one is considered the closest yet to the electric atmosphere Dan Ackryod and John Belushi created in the two films.

With a backing band of brass, the 11-piece group of musicians can turn a quiet night into a tub thumping session that usually ends up the audience on the stage or dancing in the aisles, emulating the atmosphere created by the cinema.

Jake and Elwood Blues gave the world a repertoire of sounds to enjoy from such great songs as ‘Gimme some Lovin’, ‘Soul man’,  ‘She Caught the Katy’, and the iconic ‘Shake a Tailfeather’.

For a night of ‘shaking your  ‘tailfeather’ tickets are £18 and available from the box office 01708 755775 or on line from http://www.brooksidetheatre

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