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Bio: The name was my Mother's fault and I did get ribbed at school so became unofficially Barry. Photo-journalist of 40 years experience in news media, Deputy Editor of Romford Recorder and promoted to Editor of sister paper Barking and Dagenham Post. Now freelance with small publishing and photographic services company. Studied Zoology at Open University and became a journalist! Sail with London Sailing Project, great interest in the Arts and just started an Arts Blog for Havering and surrounding areas. Hold photographic exhibitions with acrylic artist and examples of my work on

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  1. This site deserves to succeed not least because it will have contributions from Dave Ross, and the site’s founder Barry Kirk, both good friends for many many years.

    I’m looking forward to reading all the latest from Barry, and his team of intrepid reporters, who I’m sure will ferret out all the latest news and gossip.


  2. David Bickers permalink

    Well, in my earlier review I wrote “This site deserves to succeed . . .”.

    I can now honestly state that Barry Kirk has made this ‘review’ site a definite one to bookmark.

    His theatrical synopses are accurate and informative with fair and unbiased comments about the production and actors’ individual performances.



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