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The iconic image that is Florence the world over


Ciabatta is a much loved Italian snack, now re-named Barry Kirk’s Travelogue:

All Sides of Florence

I may have mentioned it before that after what seems a lifetime, I have at long last achieved a promise I made to myself years ago, to write about and photograph my favourite city, Florence.

When I first visited the Tuscan capital carting my six year-old daughter Lara along, the impact of the first view was open mouth and dribbling ice cream down my jumper as well as hers.

It was a promise that has taken almost four decades to achieve, but the open window of opportunity came in October 2015, when I left these shores in one of Mr O’Leary’s Ryanair jets with enough professional photographic equipment to sink a battleship.

Florence Travelogue FINAL COPY Checked for pdf3
The first of 48 pages telling the story of two weeks enjoying the Tuscan weather and towing a bag full of professional cameras over the roads and paths of the City

From the last statement the personal weight loss of half a stone was a foregone conclusion as the camera and lenses weighed considerably more than  a six-year-old to carry around

It could have been termed an ambition that in reality became a vocational challenge, and sitting among piles of printed copies, I can say it worked.

I have termed it a travelogue which puts it in the category of travel guide, but it is much more than that.

The sub-title ‘A Photo-Journalist on Holiday’ is more accurate, as a life time of media skills have gone into getting the mix of photographs and text into a descriptive theme to adequately describe Florence – Now all I have to do is sell it.


Florence Travelogue FINAL COPY Checked for pdf13

The pure magical attraction of the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge across the Arno, is the wealth of Gold and Silversmith establishments selling rare metals and stones that with a single purchase can cement a relationship for life. 

In the full 48 full colour glossy pages rest the images and story that captures the cream of six centuries of ambience in the Italian Renaissance capital. I have chosen the places that I have found exciting to visit and explore, filling the inner person with utmost satisfaction observing and being infused in the magic of the Medici inspired city.

I have also been honest to my professional ethics by including the ‘warts and all’ as not every city is perfect, and mentioned the tourist traps and ways to avoid them in the spirit of being aware of rather than frightened by.

Being on holiday is a pleasure and there are few countries where the visitor is made more welcome than Italy.

Florence Travelogue FINAL COPY Checked for pdf9

Some of the marble work in the Uffizi, the ancestral home of the Medic’s


The populace is warm and friendly and recognisable in their lifestyle to our British standards with a tad of eccentricity thrown in.

It is remarkable how they have turned their largest natural asset of culture into a world-wide attraction. They value it highly and get that message across in so many ways from a turmoil of history that has become a treasured beacon of the way people live and enjoy life.

My travelogue is a coffee table reference or accompanying holiday asset giving details of treasures within the many venues written about.

I have also been careful to allow the spirit of the individual to wander and discover using suggestions rather than massive lists to follow.

Florence Travelogue FINAL COPY Checked for pdf31

An example of the fun part of shopping in streets crowded with merchants stalls selling everything from porcelain to spicy olives


In short this has been an enjoyable experience, tiring but then again you do not normally drag a 10Kg bag full of photographic equipment around while on holiday.

This blog is the official launch of the Travelogue with copies available by post for £12 each which includes postage and packing with applications to me on my website  where you will find a pretty little ‘Buy Now’ button. Upon which a firm click will reveal a simple one step payment method via the secure PayPal or by card. The site offers two forms, one for those with a PayPal account requiring only the buyers password in the box under my email address. The second form is where the travelogue can be bought using a credit or debit card. This menu requires the buyers card details but is secure. Further sales will to be offered via Amazon and Ebay in the near future.

My website is

To get to the purchase page on the above, click on ‘features’ then ‘florence’ on the drop down box.

I certainly will not become a publishing magnet or want to be one, but the joy and satisfaction of sharing my love of being a photo-journalist and the ability of produce such a book is worth so much more.


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